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About Me

Hello, I am Victoria.  I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and I love it.  I am a fully qualified studio instructor and along side Yoga I teach Aerobics, Circuits, Bootcamp, Salsacise, Zumba, Indoor Cycling, LBT, Toning and beginner's running.  I am passionate about health and fitness and love exercise.  I have a coaching certificate from the government's Run England scheme.  

I have been practising Yoga for more than 25 years.  I have a Hatha Yoga Teacher qualification which I gained from BSY (British School of Yoga).  I also offer personal training to clients.  Included in my fitness qualifications is a certificate for pre and post natal exercise.  My Yoga classes are aimed at being inclusive and friendly and they offer lots of options so that everyone can enjoy them.

I am also a qualified Pilates instructor and Nutritionist. So I can help you with all aspects of diet and fitness.

I love welcoming new people into my classes and hope they will enjoy them as much as I do.  If you can't make a class then I can offer you private sessions, for either a single person or a small group.

I love to run, I've never done a marathon but have managed 17 miles. I really enjoy getting people running, especially when they tell me  "I can't run" or "There's no way I can ever do that". I haven't had one person who didn't manage 3 miles after doing my course. We can all do it. I have been leading the Oxford (and a few others) Race for Life warm up for 12 years too. Race for Life is a great place to start if you want to have a go at 3 miles.

PLEASE like my facebook page,  it's a great way to keep up with class changes and Yogic inspiration!