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What my customers say

"Thanks to you Victoria, After 3 years of suffering with the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after pregnancy, and not being able to lean on my hands or bend them back far - I have just realised that I can actually interlock my fingers and reverse them inside out fully with straight arms - Yay!" Lindsay

"Thanks so much for 5 fantastic sessions! I can't believe how far I've come, you're a great teacher :)" Eleanor

"Thanks for another great class and for the excellent personal yoga plan. I'm really pleased I spotted that you did the personal plans on your website. My plan is exactly what I wanted, easy to follow complimenting the classes perfectly." Una

"Just wanted to write you a quick Thank you for my 10 week post natal shape up! I never would of imagined (going from no exercise previously ...) how much I'd end up enjoying it and feeling so much better. I'd definately recommend it to others and you're a great instructor. Thanks again" Lyndsey

"Great teacher. Very calm and patient." Juliet

"After having my little girl I wanted to tone up, strengthen my core & have a little bit of 'me' time.  I've been attending Victoria's yoga classes for just over 6 months & I thought it would be something that I'd have to force myself to go to but it's been the opposite! I really look forward to each class & can really feel & see the benefit from it.  I also feel that I can ask if there's anything I'm not sure of without feeling silly." Emma

"[I go to yoga at Charlton School] to maintain and improve flexibilty; to stretch and to focus and relax. I have been going for over a year and love it!" Ann

"I can't believe how much I'm enjoying running, even on Sunday mornings, I never, ever thought I'd say that!" Kelly (who has gone on to complete an amazing 10k jog)

"Amazing, after just ten weeks I can jog a whole 5km without stopping, I'm so proud of myself, I couldn't manage a few feet when we started" Kerry

"Best trainer ever" Angie

“I love yoga because it forces me to stop, calm down and breathe. The stretches help me to practise gratitude for my body - with all its imperfections - and breathing deeply helps me calm down my brain. It also recently helped me to stay still for 25 mins when having a scan!” Frances

“I love Yoga Victoria. I have tried many different yoga classes in the past, but gave them all up after a while, mainly because they stopped being a pleasure. Yoga Victoria is different. After each session, I come home relaxed and recharged for the week ahead. I love the way Victoria approaches the class. Her friendly and professional manner encourages everyone to do their best without any unnecessary pressure.” Magda